More About Me

Libni is an adopted Floridian living in Orlando since May of 2000 and he immediately recognized it as the place, he was happy to call home. For 15 years Libni has been fortunate to work for his family business in the Interior Design and Furniture space where he has learned from the ground up how to run a business and all that goes into making a home, a home. It is from that experience, working in fine homes that he developed his passion for Florida real estate. When it comes to hard work and ethics Libni has always been determined to deliver results with excellence. Libni has always been a people person and loves to share his experiences with those around him. His hope is that he can foster the development of his passion in those that he works with. By welcoming him in 2000, Orlando has made its impression on who he is, and Libni wants to bring that feeling of welcome to all of those new to the Orlando area or even those who already call it home by helping them find the house of their dreams here. As part of that search Libni will make the process easier by assisting with the listing of your current home to ensure the smoothest transition possible.


Spanish, English